Saturday, January 24, 2009

Are you willing to stand up and be hated?

David and Goliath!

Gianna and Goliath?

I've struggled to come up with a title for this blog entry that would entice men to watch this two part video on YouTube.  It runs 16 minutes total.  Gianna Jessen is an abortion survivor and she faces living life for Christ like David facing Goliath.  She stands strong for Christ like few men I have met and few I've heard of outside of scripture.

Men...if you mustered the courage to stick it through both parts of the video.  How are you challenged and what will you DO with Gianna's challenge?  Abortion is certainly an atrocity that we need to PRAY against and educate the world about.

...but more to the point of our lives as believers - Are you willing to stand up and be hated for Christ by delivering his truth unwaveringly and with great love, passion and compassion?


Rodster said...

Have you ever heard of a ministry called Fellowship of the Sword? That is where i first learned about Chazaq.

- Rodney

WhatIsChazaq? said...

This is what it means to me:

I've never seen FellowshipOfTheSword before!